Karmas Park Review

There are many parks in Texas, but as we all know, not all of them are dog friendly. Karma has decided to give us her opinion on parks that she has visited so that others may know what to expect. So we hope this information will prove useful to you. 🙂 Oh yea, the following views are necessarily those of the club, but of a dog 😀

Garner Park
This is an awesome park!! It costs $5 during the week and $6 on the weekend and is huge and lots of trees! It is a great park for the entire family. Offering camping, cabins (reserve very early) and also day use. It has two trails that appear to be a good hike (we didnt finish due to wrong shoes… and well.. we were wimps) but as much as did see was quite the view. It also has a putt-putt course as well as several volleyball nets and also some small vendors selling everything from shave ice to sunblock. The Frio River runs through the park, and when we visited it was not to cold. There is an area where it is dammed where most of the families tend to float around or can rent lil boats or kayaks. I been told that on the weekend this area can get quite packed!! But do not worry, a short walk and you can go down stream for quite a distance and avoid the crowd. Karma enjoyed quite of bit of swimming, and it didn’t appear to be more than six feet deep anywhere on this day. There were quite a few families there that brought their dogs, of course Karma was the biggest one there… but the park itself didnt appear to be to harsh for dogs not being on leashes when swimming or with their familes. Karma ranks this park as one of her favorites being about an hour and a half out of town west of SA.

Comal Park
This is a nice weekend park. It only costs $1 to vist and is a good size park. Karma got to visit with her dobie friends, and learned the ropes. Such as needing to keep close when on land although in the water was a bit more lenient, although a short leash is probly a good idea. It has plenty of picnic tables, but not really much shade. The water is clear blue?! And is a great temperture to get right in. Lots of families bring their boats and jet skis and are going across the lake itself, but the park seems to be a inlet away from the whole Canyon Lake itself. This park is best if you go early in the morning as it tends to start to fill up at 10:30. Its nice, but you have to be careful as it does have its park rangers patrolling. Overall I did feel safe at this park. This park also is one of Karmas favorite weekend spots as its only an hour north out of SA.

Jacobs Creek Park
Here is another park that is not to far from Comal Park. It is also on Canyon Lake so the water is clear as well. This park has a vending type machine that lets you in and is $5 a vehicle. Its a pretty large park and has picnic tables, but not much shade. I didnt see any park rangers when we were their, but they have a big RULE BOARD that said dogs had to be on leashes 6′ or less… perfect! It didnt say it they had to be tied 🙂 We got there about 8:30 on July 4th, and just 3 cars in front of us (probly fighting with that silly machine) but when we left at 11:30 there was a like of 30+ cars to get in!! Definitely a park to hit early in the morning. Just like Comal Park, its about 40 minutes north of SA.

Cranes Mill Park
Here is another park that is on Canyon Lake. We werent to fond of this park. When we drove up to it, I told the lady I just wanted to swim Karma, so she let us in for free. But she told us to stay to this semi circle road thats just a lil past the gate. Gawd! It was very rocky, big rocks that had big holes in it. Didnt seem safe for paws at all. And when we did get to the water… it just seemed that the rock was a lil bit slimey for my taste. That and the rocks appeared to be just as rocky in the water as well. We wandered a bit,but then decided against it and went to Comal Park. It may have a better beach area by the camping area, which we didnt go visit, and figured it be better that we didnt since while we were just about to leave there the Animal Control truck came flying around the loop. Apparently, a guests dog got loose so she was tryin to find her dog, if they react that fast to a loose dog… may be better we stay away. Besides, Karma didnt like the big rocks really.

Tubing on the Guadalupe!
Well this is a little different than a park, but Karma had a great time!! Being Karma is becoming an accomplished swimmer, I figure we would check out taking her tubing on the river. I was a little nervous as there really arent to many shallow areas, and there are fast rapids that go over rocks. Not to mention lots of people floating about. But it turned out great! I had Karma on a flexi (I lost her regular leash, so if anybody sees it, grab it please!) and she pretty much mastered standing on the tube! I was in the tube and she would swim about then come back to me at the front of the tube and I would just pull her in. At first she would just lay or sit on me (gah!) But she quickly learned to stand on the rubber part of the tube!! She got quite good at it, she could even shake without falling off!! Not so good for me though. Even when we went over the rapids she rode it out standing!! 😀 When she was swimming around, she was toting me along behind her! She did a lot of meeting and greeting of the people that were floating around, most people were very friendly when the lil dobie head swam up to them, lol!! She definitely was the star of the day, many people took her picture too. The main thing I had to check was that the RIDE that took us back to the car allowed dogs, which it seems like most of them do. 🙂 We took pics, but they didnt come out to well, we will have to go again to get some better ones 🙂

McAllisters Dog Park
Just above San Antonio’s airport in the huge McAllister Park is a dog park that is still relatively new. This park is a pretty nice dog park that the city has made for us. There is no fee, they have running water, potty bags, picnic tables, benches and lots of trees. The ground is made of mulch so mud is usually a minimum. The typical crowd is usually good with well behaved dogs, although every now and then a rowdy dog may cause a ruckus but the park is big enough to usually go away from anything. Parking is usually pretty good, although I would highly recommend not leaving any personal belongings in your vehicle. There is a short walk to the park that makes it hard to see your vehicle. This park does tend to crowd in the evening when its the coolest. Karma likes this park because she usually can make a new friend to play chase with.

Old Pearsall Road Dog Park
This park is located on the west side of SA, it was the first park that was made in SA. I actually haven’t taken Karma to this park as the city has started to ‘let it go’. It is a good size park with grass and unfortunately dirt that can be muddy. There are only two picnic tables in shade and two benches in the sun. There really is not much shade overall. They do have running water and potty bags, when it is not empty. When I have gone to this park, the crowd was friendly and dogs were well behaved.

Boxcar Dog Park
This park is located on the northwest side of SA, up Bandera Road. It is actually kind of the front yard of Boxcar Feed Store. It is actually part of the feed store, so it is only open when the store itself is open. Monday thru Friday from 8 to 8, Saturday 8 to 6 and closed on Sundays. I drove by it to check it out (becareful, there are several feed stores before it, this one does have a big DOG PARK sign in front of it). I did find it.. I drove by… then I drove by again… then I went McAllisters park… Its a little on the small size, more of a good size back yard. There were only two people there, and didnt really seem like it would be much fun. Maybe when its more known it will be more entertaining, but I was a lil disappointed in the size. We will keep an eye on it in the future as it will be a nice close…little… park.

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