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We are having a meeting after the show just like last year. It will be at Little Italy and start at 7pm. Please get there earlier to order.


The dog show is this coming Friday and Saturday at the Joe & Harry Coliseum, adjacent to the AT&T Center. Here is the schedule:

Don’t forget that Dobermans also show Thursday at 10:00 and Sunday at 8:30.


Doberman Conformation 9:30, Ring 9

DPCSA Sweepstakes 12:30, Ring 9

DPCSA Specialty 12:35, Ring 9



Doberman Conformation 9:00, Ring 9

DPCSA Specialty 2:15, Ring 9


April Meeting


Please see the timely information below for monogramming and other announcements.

  • Jane is having items monogrammed for the dog show and this is your opportunity to order items you would like monogrammed at the same time. Please bring the item and your check for $10 (monogram fee) to the April 19th meeting. If you would like to select an item from Big Star Branding, please go to this link and select the item you want. Write down “all” of the information and bring that with you for Jane to order from. Be prepared to write a check for the full amount of the item and monogramming.


  • Also happening at our April 19th meeting will be a presentation by Andra Moore from K9 Water World in San Marcos. She will be giving a slideshow presentation about dock diving and discuss conducting other events such as a Barn Hunt. Please make every effort to attend this meeting in show of our support.
  •  Our annual Doberman Specialty is coming up in July, Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th. It will be held at the same location as in previous years at the Joe & Harry Freeman Coliseum. Please try to attend one or both days in support of those showing in addition to helping with the set up and tear down.

Sherri Lipper


REMINDER of DPCSA meeting Wednesday



This is to remind you of the special meeting this week, Wednesday, December 14th at 6:30PM, Taco Garage Restaurant on Broadway. Please review your ballots sent to you from the DPCA if you still have them, that is what we need to discuss and vote on. The meeting should not last long but we do need as many of you there as possible, please. Thank you.


Sherri Lipper


Au Revior Queen Rennes

Dear SND Family,

It seem like only yesterday that I announced Dear Miss Rennes’ Sweet Sixteen birthday…  We all celebrated her phenomenal milestone with great joy but not without some nagging trepidation about how much longer Queen Rennes could reign.  It is with more than a little sadness that I must tell you that Miss Rennes lived a full and amazingly loved life which she could no longer continue.  On April 26th she rode the Star Trails to Sirius’ Garden to become the next brightest star in the Night Sky where she will reign forever twinkling for those who have loved her so dearly…

It is always so hard to write about the passing of a Doberman who graced the life of someone who adored her Queen the way you and I feel and have felt about our own ghostlings… La Rue, we all share your grief and by doing so, we hope yours will be lessened and that you will soon smile at all the twinkling raining on you…

Not only was Miss Rennes the Queen of her Mom’s eye, she ruled San Antonio Doberman Rescue as the graceful ambassador who greeted new arrivals – though she welcomed them all, she was always MOST smitten by the males and would nuzzle and smooch and bow to them – somehow making them know that they too were now in the hands of Margo and RescueAngel Brigade at SADAR.  She will be so very much missed to say the least…

I must share with you some happy memories from La Rue including these two pictures from her Sweet Sixteen Party.

… Rennes was my first dog. Oh, there have always been dogs in my life whom I have loved, but they were all family dogs. Rennes was mine. She always loved everyone and every creature she ever met, but she loved me most. We grew old together. I don’t know what my life would be like if she had not been part of it. I would not have met many individuals who are a very important part of my life. I would not have met Margo and become a part of rescue, and I would not have met you all…

On her 15th birthday, an important one since old Aggie almost made it, I retired my globe trotting shoes and decided to spend all my time at home and our little place at rescue. Rennes loved going out there. She was the ambassador to every Doberman in rescue. She would stand at the gate of every kennel run and greet each dog. It didn’t matter to her that many barked and snarled. Our nights spent there dwindled after her little stroke. I feared the steps were to steep and the distances too far. We made our last trip to SADAR two weeks ago. Everyone was amazed at how good she looked for a seriously old girlie. She did her little skip dance every time a young male stood at the gate. A visitor even wanted to adopt her when she saw how eager she was to see her 18 month old male and how much he liked her!

That night, as La Rue contemplated her great sadness, as if sent by the Queen, Miss Bliss came in to be by her side – just as Rennes had always done…  La Rue smiled and knew that the Queen had left very specific instructions for the love and care of their Mom’s broken heart…

Rest and play and twinkle forever Queen Rennes!!

March 11, 1998 – April 26, 2014